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CALMS Soup for the DevOps Soul

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It’s the Culture, Stupid

Culture Shifting the Titanic

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Stack Overflow Turns 10!

Are Developers More Important Than Money?

IT Architects Hit Business Roadblocks

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How to Steal All the Tech Grads

From Complexity to Digital Simplification

At some level, a certain percentage of software code can be automated, in that it is so well known…

Oh my….well that does explain something.

Do You Even Code?

O Canadian Developers

It Ain’t Gonna Fix Itself

Definitely agree with what you are saying about the state of programming, and since I wrote this…

How Programming Has Evolved

Three Ideas for Enterprises from Joel Spolsky

Where’s the Dev Talent?

What Bank Execs Don’t Get About Developers

A Developer-First World

Hi Zach, send me an email from your work email to

A Developer’s Knowledge Architecture

More Efficiency, Less Knowledge Glut

A Market for Developer Knowledge

Why Traditional Knowledge Management Fails

The Most Groundbreaking Tech Company Ever

Developer Culture in Singapore

A Kinder, Gentler Community

Can a Developer Just Get a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Most Active Countries on Stack Overflow

Can’t Just Buy the DevOps

I will be in Singapore next month for a similar initiative. Watch out for that update soon.

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Mad Max Overflow, the Stack Warrior


Is Stack Overflow Too Mean?

Exiting VIM, A Dramedy

U Can’t Transform This

DevOps, What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

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Developers Are Writing the Script for the Future